Every great idea begins with a spark, a feeling you can do something that’s never been done before or can make what’s already out there even better. Avalerion is an eclectic mix of both. We offer a creative home for writers where they can feel safe to do what they do best: write!

Avalerion was created by actual writers, and this makes all the difference. Our people understand the blood, sweat, tears, and years writers invest in each page of their manuscript. We focus on maximizing profits through serialization, utilization of new technology, and extending the reader experience to other formats. Each title released will start as an e-book, not end as one. Our long history in Hollywood makes us optimistic for future film and gaming sales. We maintain an attitude of fluidity so every new opportunity can be integrated into our corporate plan. Each project we select supports a charity or worthy cause to help make the world a better place.

Welcome to Avalerion, where we forge greatness every day—in our authors, our products, ourselves, and our collective future.