Helm 3d
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Some things are better left unseen.

Some hearts are better left unmet.

Living in Helm is a new experience for Verity, she's the only female in a world of boys. Most of them embrace her as a potential friend, others could care less, and one ... well, one she can't seem to pin down.

Her new possible boyfriend neglected to tell Verity there's an ancient prophecy that foretells the end of Helm's leader at the hands of the mortal veil-seer. A few of the boys fighting beside her feel the best way to keep Haydn alive is to make sure the veil-seer dies.

Verity barely survived her sixteenth birthday. Now she may not live to see her seventeenth.

Helm Abomination shows that finding the love of your life can come at too high a cost.

Gryffyn Phoenix continues to shake the YA scene with the second book in the Haven Awakening series—a supernatural fantasy filled with life-threatening conflicts, heartbreaking betrayal, peer pressure, and the many faces of true love.

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About the Author

I started my love affair with books at five years old. It all began when a copy of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe hit me on the head ... climbing bookcases can hurt. We didn't own a wardrobe, so I pushed on every wall in the house, even the ones in the closet, trying to get in. An entrance to Narnia was impossible to find. Bummer. Putting my disappointment aside, I set about creating my own lands for everyone to enjoy.